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About Me

I am a retired volunteer firefighter - due to osteoarthritis in both knees - and currently serve as a Church Service Missionary (CSM) and an American Red Cross volunteer. In addition to my volunteer endeavors, my wife and I both work part-time as Peer Support Specialist.


I am an avid semi-professional photographer with a fodness for emergency vehicles, aircraft, and antique vehicles. I am also an experienced freelance writer / content provider having almost 30 years experience. During that time, I've written for community newspapers, organizational newsletters, and several national magazines. Currently I do a mixture of print articles and on-line submissions.

In my spare time, I am an Amateur Radio operator and have worked several different Atlanta Track Club events where I served with other "Hams" as a communicator.


My hope is that, in the very near future, I can begin studies to obtain my fire science degree. Not because I want to get back into active firefighting, but because it would give more credibility to articles I write. I'm also working on getting my General Amateur Radio ticket (license) which will allow me to expand my communications capabilities. 


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